Attic Conversion


The majority of attics we do are truss roof construction. We use engineer’s details with steel beams fitted restructuring roof timbers and new floor joists. A Structural Certificate of Compliance is issued on completion stating that your roof structure has not been compromised in any way.


There are many types of roof windows now on the market, to suit every budget. We use the biggest size possible as you can never have too much natural daylight. You can also fit a dormer window where suitable.


All our stairs are locally made. Each stair is individually designed and constructed using the same materials and mouldings as the existing stairs to ensure a seamless continuation to the new level.


We fit Durovent ventilation baffles to the underfelt ensuring airflow to the eaves.


Top grade mineral felt, solid thermal board, insulated plaster slab and high density plasterboard are used in all attic conversions.


An En-Suite can be fitted in all circumstances. A change to stair layout or a reshaping of the room can easily accommodate a toilet and wash hand basin and in most cases a mains fed electric shower and cubicle.


In practically all cases you can link in the radiator in the new level to your existing system. In some cases we close the system, giving you a better pressurized system or where there is a back boiler or stove the small tank is located above the height of the new radiator.

In 2% of cases an electrical panel heater is used, but we try to avoid this where possible.